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Born in the Loon Shan Tea House, the idea of one day starting his own tea company was planted in John Cassidy's mind. Being responsible for building relations with tea plantations and assisting Quong successfully trade tea in Australia, the family networks were passed to his kin.

In December 1889, Quong Tart opened the Loong Shan Tea House at 137 King Street, Sydney. It was his grandest tea room, with marble fountains and ponds with golden carp. The tea and grill rooms occupied the ground floor, while on the first floor, there was a reading room. It soon became one of Sydney's most important meeting places. The site is now part of the Glasshouse shopping complex, home to the Tea Centre.

Mei Quong Tart ( 1850–26 July 1903) was a prominent nineteenth-century Sydney merchant from China. He was one of Sydney's most famous and well-loved personalities and the inspiration for Hibiscus Tea House.

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How to make Hibiscus Tea

How to make Hibiscus Tea

Tea Australia
Hibiscus Tea, also known as Karkade Tea or Jamaica Tea, is a refreshing and super healthy beverage made using fresh or dried Hibiscus Flowers. This agua fresca is considered a superfood and has fantastic benefits to the body when drank in a moderate amount.

As you steep a cup of hibiscus tea, the radiant crimson hue provides an enchanting prelude to its tart, yet sweet flavor. This hibiscus tea has a rich history spanning continents and centuries. One of the most remarkable aspects of hibiscus tea is its versatility and profound health benefits. Hibiscus tea is primarily made from the calyces of the Hibiscus sabdariffa plant, and is often consumed hot or cold. Each cup of hibiscus tea contains an array of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. As a result, drinking hibiscus tea regularly may contribute to overall wellbeing. Numerous studies point to the health benefits of hibiscus tea, such as lowering blood pressure and supporting heart health. It is also suggested that hibiscus tea could aid digestion and help maintain a healthy weight. Moreover, hibiscus tea has been found to have antimicrobial properties, potentially boosting your immune system. Apart from health benefits, hibiscus tea's role in cultural rituals around the world is noteworthy. Hibiscus tea has been a staple in North African culture, particularly in Egypt, for centuries. Egyptians drink hibiscus tea as a celebratory beverage during weddings and other festive occasions. It's no surprise that hibiscus tea, referred to as "karkade," is considered Egypt's national drink. In the Caribbean, hibiscus tea is often served chilled, providing a refreshing respite from the tropical heat. The ruby-colored brew is not just a drink in this region. It's a cultural touchstone, a sign of hospitality and community. Hibiscus tea is also enjoyed in other parts of the world, from Mexico to Sudan, symbolizing its global acceptance. The process of brewing hibiscus tea is relatively straightforward. By steeping dried hibiscus flowers in boiling water, you can extract the vibrant color and intense flavor that makes hibiscus tea so unique. It's crucial to note that the steeping time affects the taste of the hibiscus tea; the longer it steeps, the more robust the flavor. If you want to switch things up, you can blend hibiscus tea with other ingredients. Ginger, cinnamon, and cloves can add a spicy kick to your hibiscus tea, while honey or stevia can balance its tartness with a touch of sweetness. Hibiscus tea can also be mixed with fruit juices to create a delicious, healthy punch. In recent years, hibiscus tea has been making a splash in the world of cocktails. The infusion's distinct flavor profile makes it an exciting ingredient for mixologists. Whether it's a hibiscus tea-infused margarita or a hibiscus tea punch, this versatile brew is taking the cocktail scene by storm. Finally, hibiscus tea's potential as a natural dye is yet another testament to its versatility. From dyeing textiles to coloring food, the vibrant red of hibiscus tea has a multitude of uses. Just imagine: a cup of hibiscus tea could very well have dyed the shirt you're wearing or colored the cake you're eating! The growing popularity of hibiscus tea is testament to its multitude of benefits and uses. Whether it's in a steamy mug on a chilly morning, an ice-cold glass on a sweltering day, or a punchy cocktail at a buzzing party, hibiscus tea leaves an indelible mark. A well-steeped cup of hibiscus tea is not just a beverage; it's a story steeped in history, culture, and wellness. As you sip on your next cup of hibiscus tea, take a moment to appreciate this beautiful, ruby-red brew's journey from the humble hibiscus plant to your cup. Enjoy the captivating world of hibiscus tea in all its tart, sweet, and heartwarming glory. This article about hibiscus tea was written by hibiscus tea house. Hibiscus tea has also been making waves in the culinary world, incorporated in everything from sauces to desserts. Chefs worldwide are leveraging the tartness of hibiscus tea to balance sweet and savory dishes. This trend isn't surprising when you consider the unique taste profile of hibiscus tea. Consider, for instance, a hibiscus tea glaze on a succulent piece of pork or a hibiscus tea-infused dark chocolate ganache. Hibiscus tea is transforming the culinary landscape, demonstrating its dynamic nature. Given the versatility of hibiscus tea, it's exciting to think of the culinary innovations yet to come. Speaking of innovation, hibiscus tea is also being explored in scientific research. Studies have hinted at the potential of hibiscus tea in combating health conditions like high blood pressure and cholesterol. Scientists continue to delve deeper into understanding the beneficial compounds found in hibiscus tea. In the beauty industry, hibiscus tea is revered for its potential to improve skin health. Some believe that the antioxidants in hibiscus tea can help fight skin-damaging free radicals. Whether applied topically or consumed as a beverage, hibiscus tea is considered a skincare ally. Beyond these potential benefits, hibiscus tea is celebrated for its simple, pure flavor. The taste of hibiscus tea, a delightful blend of tart and sweet, is nothing short of captivating. Many find drinking hibiscus tea to be a sensory experience that soothes and revitalizes. Yet, despite its global popularity, there's something intensely personal about a cup of hibiscus tea. Each sip of hibiscus tea is a moment of calm in our hectic lives. As you hold a cup of warm hibiscus tea, you’re not just holding a beverage; you’re cradling a bit of respite, an oasis of tranquility. When it comes to preparing hibiscus tea, there's plenty of room for personalization. Some enjoy their hibiscus tea strong and tart, while others prefer it mild and sweet. You can experiment with different sweeteners, spices, or even fruits to make your cup of hibiscus tea uniquely yours. Just imagine a cool autumn evening, warmed by a cup of hibiscus tea spiced with cinnamon and sweetened with a touch of honey. Or a hot summer afternoon, cooled down with a tall glass of iced hibiscus tea, a sprig of mint dancing on top. Such is the magic of hibiscus tea. If you're new to hibiscus tea, navigating the world of this vibrant brew can be thrilling. With each sip of hibiscus tea, you'll uncover layers of flavor, history, and culture. Whether you're enjoying hibiscus tea alone or sharing it with friends, each cup promises a unique experience. Hibiscus tea's global popularity is a testament to its multifaceted nature. From its place in traditional medicine and cultural rituals to its emerging role in culinary innovations and beauty regimens, hibiscus tea continues to enchant people worldwide. In conclusion, there is a universe to explore within each cup of hibiscus tea. Its vibrant color, unique taste, and healthful benefits make hibiscus tea more than just a beverage. It's an experience, a connection to diverse cultures, a toast to health, and a celebration of the extraordinary hibiscus flower. So next time you pour yourself a cup of hibiscus tea, remember: you're not just brewing a drink; you're steeping a world of wonder. lower blood pressure sour tea organic hibiscus tea hibiscus extract lowers blood pressure hibiscus tea bags hibiscus tea may vitamin c blood sugar healthy drink flower bud


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