As soon as you are pregnant, your body changes, both from the inside and the exterior. While your medical professional may recommend taking measures, others love to inform you what to eat and what not to during pregnancy.

Rosehip is frequently recommended for pregnant women as it consists of particular vitamins and nutrients that are stated to be beneficial for pregnant women. But should a woman consume it during pregnancy? Let's Find out!


What Is Rose Hip?

The round part under the petals of the rose flower consists of increased seeds, and these are called rose hips. Some other fruit names are Pet dog Rose Fruit, Rose Hep, Rose Haw, Hip Berries, Brier Hop, and Hop Fruit. Rose hips are berry-sized little reddish balls of seeds found on the pointers of the rose stems. Roses, crab apples and apples are all from the same family, so rose hips carefully look like crab apples. They are a rich source of Vitamin C. Dried rose hips and seeds are used in making medicines to deal with various disorders. The specific disorders that rosehip medicines can deal with are stomach ailments, osteoarthritis, and stomach swelling.


Is Having Rose Hip Safe During Pregnancy?

Rosehip is an excellent source of the vitamins required for mother and kid. However, it is recommended to talk with your obstetrician before taking it, as the quantity needed will vary from individual to specific. Ladies frequently question if they can use rosehip oil during pregnancy. If rosehip oil is utilised topically, it will work wonderfully to heal stretch marks and moisturise the skin.


How Is Rose Hip Useful during Pregnancy?

Rosehip might assist in the following ways during pregnancy:


1. Assists in Absorption of Iron and Calcium

Consuming rosehip fruit is highly beneficial to pregnant females as Vitamin C present in it might assist in the absorption of iron in the body, which is vital for your growing baby.

2. Assists in the Production of Collagen

The Vitamin C present in rosehip likewise helps produce collagen, which is crucial for the baby's development, as it assists in structuring the bones, muscles, and cartilage.

3. Enhances Resistance

Rosehip is also abundant in manganese, selenium, Vitamin B complex, potassium, magnesium and Vitamin E. Its tea can assist improve immunity and fight off influenza and cold.

4. Astringent Residences

These homes present in rosehip are valuable during pregnancy. They can help with a persistent illness and insufficient control of the bladder, something pregnant females face, specifically throughout their third trimester.

5. Treatments Constipation

Pregnant women typically face constipation. The pectin and acids in the rosehip fruit can serve as a moderate laxative that helps to soften stool and make bowel movements much more effortless.

6. Repairs Tissue

Vitamin C found in rosehip can be convenient when it comes to fixing any injuries or tissues in both mom and kid and help in activating folic acid.

7. Minimises Stretch Marks

You can utilise rosehip oil for stretch marks during pregnancy as it is rich in vital fats such as omega 3 and 6 and Vitamin C, which is excellent for healing scars. These are quickly taken in by the skin and aid in discolouration in addition to moisturising the skin.


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Rosehip needs to be avoided by the following ladies in the following conditions:


If you have hemochromatosis, a condition where the body maintains excessive iron.

If you have sideroblastic anaemia, the bone marrow cannot produce the usual amount of red blood cells.

If you are affected by thalassemia, a genetically inherited condition where the red cell cannot produce sufficient haemoglobin.

If you have kidney stones.

Suppose you have sickle cell illness. Rosehip may make the blood more acidic due to Vitamin C, so it best prevented in this condition.

If you take Coumadin (warfarin).

If you have glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase shortage, as the vitamin content can make complex the condition.


Rose Hip Tea Dish You Can Try in the house

Though rosehip tea has various advantages for pregnant ladies, there are extremely couple of research studies revealing the impacts it has on your child. If you have an interest in consuming rosehip tea, speak with your physician first and, if you have consent, you can attempt the following techniques that are quickly prepared in the house:


1. Rose Hip Tea From Fresh Rose Hips

If you have managed to get your hands on the fresh fruit, this is how to prepare the tea.



Fresh Rosehips


How To Make


Wash and dry rose hips and remove the top and the tail of each of them.

After cutting the fruits in half, eliminate all the seeds from the inside.

Boil some water.

Position the rose hips inside a warm teapot.

Once the water has reached boiling point, pour it over the rose hips.

Place the teapot lid to cover the teapot, enabling the rose hips to permeate for about ten minutes.

Use a strainer while putting yourself a cup of newly brewed, healthy rosehip tea and beverage.


2. Rose Hip Tea From Dried Rose Hips

If you have dried rose hips, here is how you can prepare the tea.



4 tablespoons of dried rosehips

Four cups of water

How To Make


Put both the ingredients in a pan.

Bring it to a boil.

As soon as the tea starts boiling, lower the heat to a simmer.

After five minutes, please turn off the flame, pressure the tea, and take pleasure in it.

Despite the health benefits of rosehip, it is still recommended that this fruit be taken in after consulting a doctor if you have any objective of taking rose hips for pregnancy. Consuming increased hip in percentages (such as consuming the fruit or drinking tea) now and then is all right, but it needs not to be required to treat any medical condition unless you have sought advice from your medical professional and had the approval to do so.

The quantity required to deal with any condition will vary according to each individual's case. Similar to everything, moderation is essential to not trigger any other problems. As there have been no research studies performed on how rosehip impacts the fetus, so most doctors will advise that you do not take rose hips during pregnancy unless you have a specific need for it.


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